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About us
Shadow company is a 4 piece  heavy metal band from Blackburn UK. With inspiration coming from a variety of sources we blend the fast paced aggressive brutality of groove metal with the powerful crushing sound of Doom. although we've been taking some time out of gigging to write were always up to play. 
The Band
Marty - Singer
Seamus - Guitars
Zak - Bass
Daisy - Drums

Put together by Marty in 2018 the original lineup consisted of Marty on vocals, Astrid on guitar and Daisy on bass. After the departure of their original drummer in 2019, Daisy changed over to the drums, Marty picked up the bass and Seamus was brought in for additional guitars and the main lineup was conceived. With astrid leaving in 2022 Zak joined the band on bass in order to fill out the sound and better let Marty focus on his vocals.
Live recordings

Here is a live recording of our latest set at the Swan with Two necks in Macclesfield.

Contact Us

​If you would like to get in touch about a booking email us at or contact us on one of pur social media platforms.

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